All the common symbols

Wide range of symbols

KnitBird comes with all the common symbols used in charts. Before publishing your chart, you can customize the description for each symbol to give instructions to those who will knit it.

Import images and text

Import images Import text

You can open image files from your computer or write text directly into your chart. KnitBird inclues powerful tools to help you in creating patterns from your photos or illustrations.

When importing images, only a limited number of colours is created to ensure that you can actually knit the thing without using tens of different yarns!

A lot of drawing tools

Selection tools

KnitBird has a lot of tools to help you create your design. You can turn, flip, copy and paste and also create repeated pattern with a click of a button.

Create patterns

Create patterns

With the new pattern making tool you can create repeated patterns out of your design. The tool has six methods of how to repeat the pattern, so its quite easy to get wild.

Publish it


When your chart is ready you can easily publish it. You have the possibility af creating a pdf file with instructions and symbol description or a high resolution PNG image for printing and professional publications.

For PC and Mac

KnitBird is built on the Adobe AIR platform and runs on both Windows and Mac computers.

Read more on system requirements

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The trial version of KnitBird 2.0 does not include the possibility to save or export images.

We recommend that you try KnitBird before deciding to buy it.

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Buy the full version

Buy the full version of KnitBird 2.0. You will get a product key which you will use to activate the trial version. You can use this key to install KnitBird three times, for example on three computers.


KnitBird 1.3 users can purchase an upgrade for 20 USD from a link in the program. Please open KnitBird 1.3 on your computer and ensure you have the latest update installed.

Download and install

To install KnitBird, you must ensure that Adobe AIR is installed.

  1. Download KnitBird enclosed in a ZIP file (knitbird.zip) or download the AIR Installation Package directly (knitbird.air).
  2. Extract the ZIP file.
  3. Run the Installation Package (KnitBird.air) and follow the instruction.
  4. Run KnitBird and activate it using your product key.

More information can be found here.

System requirements

  • Adobe AIR
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, or Windows 8 Classic
  • Mac OS X v10.7, and above
  • Internet connection (for product key activation and updates)

Read more on system requirements for Adobe AIR.

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We care for our customers and some users have had problem with downloading and installing KnitBird. Therefore we strongly recommend that you download and try the program before you buy it.



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