KnitBird can be downloaded and installed from the homepage or by clicking this link:

The file that you download is an Adobe AIR Package which you cannot install unless you have Adobe AIR installed first. Adobe AIR is a software platform which enables KnitBird to run on both Windows computers and MacOS computers.

In some cases, your computer might try to open the downloaded KnitBird package as a zip file. If that happens, try to make sure that the file name is KnitBird.air but not Also, try right-clicking the file and select Install.

If Adobe AIR is installed, you should be able to open the downloaded KnitBird package and install it. After that, KnitBird will be installed on you computer.

After you have installed KnitBird, you’ll want to activate it if you have purchased it. Click here for information on how to activate.

Download issues

We have had cases where people have some problem downloading KnitBird. Please contact us if you are experiencing that so we can assist you.

KnitBird can be downloaded as a trial version. Once a product key has been purchased it can be activated to a full version.

When you open KnitBird for the first time, you will see an orange banner on top of the application window.


To activate, click the “Click here to register using your prouct key” link. A window will appear.


Type in your product key in the form of xxxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx (eight letters – five numbers – six letters). Optionally you can type in your name and your email. This is not obligatory but can help us to find your product key in case it gets lost.

The main menu

The main menu is on the top of the application window. It has four items: File, Edit, Library and Help. By clicking on the items, the menu will appear.

File menu

The grid settings

Grid settingsThe grid setting buttons are located at the right side of the application window. From there you can control the grid size, grid colors and the size of the chart you are working on.



Here is a short guide on how to get started using KnitBird.


If you have purchased KnitBird, click here for information on how to activate it.

The startup screen

When you open the applications, this screen welcomes you. From here you can create a new file, open recently created and opened files or visit KnitBird on the web.

The startup screen

An empty file

To create an empty file, you can click on “File” on the main menu or create it from the Startup Screen. The image below shows an empty file which is ready to be drawn on.

Empty file

The interface

The main menu is on top of the application window. From there you can create new files, open and save files, export images, copy, paste and undo previous actions. You can also change the language of the application which is available both in English and Icelandic.

File menu

The tools

All the tools you need are located on the left side of the application window. On the top there are the basic tools for drawing, symbols, selection and a color picker.

Next there are tools for select drawing color and base color of your chart. Below the color selections you have tools to creating straight and dashed lines and tools for inserting images and text into your chart, changing colors and for editing written instructions for your published chart.

Basic tools Color selectors Utitilites

What’s next?

Read more on how to draw.