You can add markers to columns or rows in your charts to give instruction about recurring bits of your design or different sizes. Simply click on the row or stitch numbers to the right of the chart or below it. In the dialog that appears you can write your instruction and select which row it should appear next to or between which columns. By clicking on the marker you will remove it.


A new feature in KnitBird enables you to create a repeated pattern from your designs. To start, you select a part of your chart and click on the “Create a pattern” button on the selection toolbar.

From the dialog that appears, you can choose from six methods on how to create your pattern. On the right you will see a preview of your pattern so you can play around until you are happy. When your pattern is ready you click the “Insert into chart” button. Note that when you insert your pattern into your chart, everything else will be erased, so it could be a good practice to first create a new chart.


When you make a selection for your chart, you will see a small toolbar appearing next to your selection. From that toolbar, you can transform your selection.

selectiontoolsFrom the selection tools you can flip your selection, rotate, move or create patterns based on the selections. You can also clear the selected area or add it to the library.

utilitiesTo import images into your chart, find the button with the white teddy bear at the bottom left corner of the application window.

Note that you might have to thin about the size of the chart before you import an image file since the image might be too detailed to fit on a small chart.

In the Insert Image window, click the Open file button and find your image file. Once you have open the file, you can adjust the size of the chart that will be produced from it. You can also play with the brightness and contrast and control the number of colors that will be included in the chart.

The Insert image window with an image file open.insertimage

The original image.Untitled-6


When upgrading from KnitBird 1.3 to 2.0, your Library in KnitBird 2.0 does not include any of the items you had in 1.3. In the lastest version of KnitBird 1.3, you can export your Library for use in KnitBird 2.0.

in KnitBird 1.3:

  1. Click on “File” in the main menu
  2. Select “Export library file for use in KnitBird 2.0″
  3. Save your file, for example on the Desktop, a file called will be created at the selected location.

In KnitBird 2.0:

  1. Click on “Library” in the main menu.
  2. Click the “Import Library” button.
  3. Select the file you saved in KnitBird 1.3.