KnitBird can be downloaded and installed from the homepage or by clicking this link:

The file that you download is an Adobe AIR Package which you cannot install unless you have Adobe AIR installed first. Adobe AIR is a software platform which enables KnitBird to run on both Windows computers and MacOS computers.

In some cases, your computer might try to open the downloaded KnitBird package as a zip file. If that happens, try to make sure that the file name is KnitBird.air but not Also, try right-clicking the file and select Install.

If Adobe AIR is installed, you should be able to open the downloaded KnitBird package and install it. After that, KnitBird will be installed on you computer.

After you have installed KnitBird, you’ll want to activate it if you have purchased it. Click here for information on how to activate.

Download issues

We have had cases where people have some problem downloading KnitBird. Please contact us if you are experiencing that so we can assist you.